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Introducing the New King of Teas

Pure Purple Tea

Meet Pure Purple Tea, a premium variety of tea currently grown only in the highlands of Kenya. 

Purple Tea contains purple and red anthocyanins; similar to the compounds found in purple grapes, blueberries, and raspberries. The anthocyanins gives them their colour and contributes to their health benefits characteristics. 

Purple Tea has a long list of benefits, such as weight loss and blood sugar metabolism, anti - cancer benefits and anti - ageing properties, and as it has zero calories, it is great for people on a Diabetic diet.

Our mission at Pure Purple Tea is to provide this New Super Tea to Ireland and beyond while helping Kenyan farmers to reach the International Market and beyond. 

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The Purple Tea

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Purple Tea is derived from a cross-bred variety of common leaf Camellia Sinesis where black, white and green tea are also derived.

It is grown at the slopes of  Mt Kenya region at elevations between 4,500 and 7,500 feet in Equatorial climate. 

The purple colour is from a genetic mutation of the tea plant which stimulates the production Anthocyanin.  

Anthocyanin is the same potent found in blueberries and red grapes. 

Purple Tea plant also produces high  levels of polyphenols than any other tea varieties.

The anthocynain and polyphenols act as a defence mechanism for the leaves making it  drought, famine and frost resistance. 

Purple Tea is not oxidised or fermented, like green tea and black tea,  so it lacks the tanning [heavy dark coloured] quality of black tea. This makes it palatable and easy to drink.


The New King of Teas

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What makes Purple Tea Unique?

The Amazing Qualities of Purple Tea

  • Loaded with Polyphenols - These help with weight loss and  blood sugar metabolism. Research has shown that Purple Tea has a unique type of polyphonel called GHG; which has an enzyme that promotes the breaking down of fat making it easy for the body to digest.   

  • Loaded with Anthocyanins -These have anti-cancer benefits and anti-ageing properties.

  • Zero Calories - Helps to loose or manage weight. Great for Diabetic people.

  • Less Caffeine - than Black Tea or Coffee

A breakdown of the Polyphenols found in Purple Tea can be found here

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How to Use Pure Purple Tea

Various uses of  Pure Purple Tea

Pure Purple Tea, is being used across different markets to provide a healthier option and to enhance the  health quality of existing products.

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Beauty Products
Herbal Medicine


Tea and Energy Drinks

Purple Tea is used as a daily hot beverage for teas lovers. It is used on it's own or blended with fruits and herbs to enhance the taste.

Purple tea is popularly used to create refreshing iced teas and energy drinks. 

Due to it's low caffeine, Pure Purple Tea is a great choice for those looking to reduce their caffeine intake. 

Pure Purple Tea has a mild, woody taste unlike the earthy taste of Green Tea, making it palatable even for youngsters.

TIP-Have fun creating different colours by adding lemon, lime or cranberry to your cuppa. Leave Purple Tea to steep in boiling water for atleast 3mins. 

Beauty Products

Skin care and Hair care Products

Pure Purple tea has an abundance of antioxidants which gives the tea anti-ageing super-power properties. Pure Purple Tea is used in Bar Shampoos, Tea based Organic Bar Soaps, Baby Products and Sun-Screen Creams and anti-ageing creams among a variety of other beauty products.

TIP- Add some vitamin E to your beauty tea to enhance the super-power

See what research has to say about it's super powers- here

Health Supplements

Supplement Tablets

Higher levels of polyphenols in Purple Tea makes it a perfect ingredient to formulate supplements for weight loss, memory boost, boost immunity and promote good health. 

Find out what researchers are saying about Purple Tea's Health Benefits- here

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For orders, prices or more info

Pure purple tea is packed from source and is not re-packed on arrival in Ireland. The available packages at the moment are 1Kg, 2Kg and 5Kg packs. We are unable to provide smaller sizes at the moment. We can arrange to provide larger size packs when placing order. 
For large orders, it takes approximately 14 days to deliver.  
For prices and to place an order please contact us via the contact form or give us a ring.

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Dublin, Ireland

+353-(0) 85-173-1918

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